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The importance of team sports for teenagers

Your teens and pre-teens undergo a great deal of emotional and physical development when they’re in secondary school. By engaging in team sports, they can make positive contributions to both. Here are some of the benefits your children will enjoy when they try a team sport such as netball.

Improving their overall physical health

Exercising as a young person is about much more than weight management. As these are the years of serious physical development, they can use team sports to help things along and stay fit and healthy throughout.

For example, the more they exercise at this stage, the easier it is for them to strengthen their heart for their later years. As they build their muscles, they’ll provide key joints with the support they require, and strengthen their lower back. Finally, weight-bearing exercises such as netball help them boost their bone density, leading to a better overall physical condition.

Learning how to work with others

“Working alongside others is a skill that all young people need later in life."

Working alongside others is a skill that all young people need later in life. Team sports help them work with other people to achieve a common goal, which proves beneficial when they enter the workplace.

In addition to team building skills, they’ll have the chance to become leaders. Through the course of your average netball game, everyone has a chance to take the lead and give direction. As time goes on, this will start to come naturally to your teenager.

Increasing their self-esteem

There’s no denying that young people are more vulnerable to low self-esteem than most. While you can’t prevent this altogether, you can do your best to help them build self-confidence and a positive self-image.

Team sports such as netball help a young person to develop both physically and mentally, helping to improve self-esteem in the process. As they exercise more, they’ll increase the positive neurotransmitters their brains need to feel happy. Over time, the praise they receive from their teammates, and from coaches and teachers, will further enhance their morale.

Self-discipline becomes easier

Self-discipline is learned in lots of ways, but engaging in a team sport is excellent for increasing it by the bucket load. When there are rules to follow and commitments to make, your child will develop the self-discipline they require to excel at their academic pursuits, too.

Later in life, this self-discipline will help young people achieve success in their exams and segue into the workplace. The best part is, they’ll have lots of fun while they develop this essential life skill.

With sports such as netball, you’re making an overwhelmingly positive contribution to your child’s mental and physical health. If you think they’re ready to experience the benefits, sign them up to our netball workshops today.

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