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Welcome to Gilly Salter Sports

We are proud to have been around for over 10 years providing a range of netball opportunities working with some of the top named players in our game today.  Our workshops cater for children new to the game, through to performance athletes wanting to further develop their skill.


Two years ago, we also became an affiliated partner with England Netball to run Walking Netball sessions for others who still have the passion to play in a team sport at a slower pace and are looking for a social group to interact with. 

As a team sport, netball enables players to create new friendship groups, learn how to be part of a team, and to have fun! If you would like to know more about any of our services please do not hesitate to contact us or read through the relevant section that you are interested in.

Netball workshops

Coaching support /adhoc sessions for clubs

Club Appearances/Presentation Awards Evenings

Technical/Tactical skills input


School inset days

Walking Netball

Pre-season club or school sessions



Kim Fullwood, Parent

"My daughter, Eloise absolutely loves coming to these netball workshops. She got knocked back a while back, which in turn knocked her confidence, but she is bouncing back. Gilly and all the others make her feel very welcome and she can't wait until the next workshop! Eloise has been attending these camps since she was in Year 7 and this August will be her 15th time of attending - she has been to every one since 2017 and will leave extremely happy"

Jake Muskett,

Gastrells Primary School

"The girls continue to enjoy the Gilly Salter Sports netball workshops and it has made a huge difference to their ability and confidence in netball"

“Gilly Salter Sports will be facilitating our specialist netball pre-season camps for the third year running in August 2019. As a school we are hugely appreciative of the professional, innovative and up to date approach taken by Gilly and her team. The inclusion of current Severn Stars players as coaches during these days means that our girls have tangible role models who they can aspire towards, thus fulfilling their potential.“ 

Jess Scouller, Netball Coach

Redmaids High School

Paige Reed

Severn Stars Super League Squad Player 2018-2020

Hartpury University BUCS Netball Manager



U21 World Youth Cup Reserve 2017

England U21 Tour to South Africa - 2017

England U21 Tour to Australia - 2017

England U21 - Netball Europe Gold Medalist 2017

England U21/Seniors - Netball Europe 2018




“One of my favourite parts about playing netball are all the people you meet along the way. It is a great way of forming friendships for life. They are always there to support you during training sessions or even just giving you a lift to training when you are struggling to get there. By exposing yourself to new environments for example joining a new club or taking part in a Netball Workshop you are bound to make new friendships along the way”


“Netball requires players to be able to change direction at speed, sprint for balls and be available for your teammates etc, so it is a great way for keeping fit which is overall going to have a positive impact on your health and fitness. Playing netball as a form of exercise is also going to increase your strength and flexibility which is key when growing up to prevent injury. Exercise is a great stress reliever as it helps release endorphins into the body to help you feel more positive which is another great benefit about playing netball and keeping fit"


“In netball you are always surrounded by positivity. Even though you may experience setbacks or have a bad training session or game there are always people around you to help improve and support you to give you that positivity to develop as a player. This may be from your parents, your coach, a teammate or a spectator. Receiving this positivity really helps motivate you in persevering playing netball and training hard to be the best player you can be”


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